green energy network

The GASH Green energy plan is a program created to support green energy in poor areas. We plan to deliver green energy products to poor areas in Africa and Asia by issuing GASH coins, and work with green energy producers to develop a new generation of efficient green energy products through new data analysis.




Many people, especially farmers living in poor mountainous areas,

can not get enough electricity because of the lack of natural environment and government funds, which makes the farmers'production inefficient, basic living equipment can not operate, energy is the basis of all life, the lack of energy can not improve the living environment.

Many people also try to obtain electricity through green energy products, but most of the current green energy products, there are cumbersome, inefficient, expensive shortcomings, people in poor areas can not buy it.

Our plan is divided into three parts. We will provide green energy products to people in poverty-stricken areas through charity and donation. We will work with producers of green energy products to develop new types of green energy products, improve prices and performance, and spread green energy products to poor areas. Good people's living and agricultural environment.


We plan to build a global green energy product supply and tracking network. Provide affordable green energy products to one million poor people and make statistics and assessments of the use and effectiveness of green energy through data tracking and analysis.

We work with manufacturers of green energy products to help people get better, cheaper and more efficient green energy products through data feedback. Promote the proportion of green energy products in all energy products to increase, help more people better access to convenient energy supply.

We will encourage poor people, with the help of green energy, to connect to our network, promote the number of network nodes, and make GASH a passport for green energy networks. This will be an important network in the future and become an information channel for users of green energy.

Coin name:gashcoin



Block reward:10 GASH

Masternode collateral:1500 GASH

Masternode reward:50%


Block time:60 seconds

Total supply: 21,000,000 GASH

Premine:105,000 GASH(0.5%)

P2P port: 20202 RPC port: 20302