The GASH Green energy plan is a program created to support green energy in poor areas. We plan to deliver green energy products to poor areas in Africa and Asia by issuing GASH coins, and work with green energy producers to develop a new generation of efficient green energy products through new data analysis. Accelerate the development of green energy products, so that more people in the absence of sufficient electricity, through green energy products to improve life.


GASH is the world´s first green energy conscious cryptocurrency It is the world’s only coin support green energy. GASH allows you to interact worldwide privately, directly and instantly with fast transaction times. The number of merchants around the world accepting GASH is growing on a daily basis. To sustain a high number of coins in circulation, GASH sets proof of ownership for a masternode at 1500 GASH.


September 30,2018
Genesis Block, Pre- Mine

October, 2018
Website release
Block Explorer
Whitepaper release
Marketing on Social Media Platforms
Listing on cryptobridge
Listing on
Listing on

November, 2018
Listing on
Announcement of manufacturer partners
Announcement of charity partners
website updata

Announces the first batch of green energy products
Announcement of the first batch of cooperation areas
Android app release
PR campaign

January ,2019
2019 Roadmap Release


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